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February 27: Fun Show             

March 20: Dressage Clinic     

March 27 & 28: 4-H Team Roping Clinic       

April 9 & 10: Nebraska High School Cutting

April 24 & 25: Driving Show






The Lazy K Introduces their New Web Site!

Welcome to our Web Site!  We are pleased to be able to offer you online access to all of our services and products. Check out our events page and come back often to check for updates!





Roping Event on February 2nd, 2009

Our Roping Event was a big success!  Thanks to all of the participants and supporters who helped make this event possible.  The Lazy K Arena would love to hear from you regarding your interests in future events.  Go to our contact page and send your suggestions!






2011 Scheduled Events


April 9 & 10: Team Penning

April 30: Foundation Quarter Horse Show (Pending)

May 6, 7, & 8: Jason Patrick Horsemanship Clinic (scroll down for additional information)

Oct 3: Lazy K Arena/J6 Livestock Ranch Rodeo

*Double click above to view rules for the Ranch Rodeo.


     4-H Practice

     The Lazy K loves kids and supports 4-H in many ways.  We have an organized 4-H practice once a week starting in the spring and going throughout the summer.  Jenna Adam organizes these practices and helps the kids learn about horses and the obligations that come along with showing a horse in 4-H.  At each practice we will focus on two or three of the following events at each practice: showmanship, pleasure, horsemanship, trail, reining, barrels, and poles.  Also we are attempting to organize specialty nights, where we bring in an expert in each of the events to break them down and focus on only one thing all night.  We welcome all ages and skill levels, we just ask that you provide your own horse. (Everyone is welcome to come and practice.  4-H age riders are charged a fee of $5 per rider, and  riders over 4-H age pay a $10 fee)  Practice starts at 6:00 p.m. each night, we ask for people to try to arrive at 5:30 p.m. to saddle and warm horses up so we can start promptly at 6.

   Practice Schedules

    May 16- Pleasure & Barrels

    May 23- Horsemanship & Poles 

    May 30- No Practice

    June 6-  Individual Work 

   June 13- Showmanship & Reining

   June 20- Pleasure & Barrels

   June 27- Trail & Speed Events 


       *Individual Work day we will work on each 4-Her's weakness.  We will have numerous volunteers to make sure each kid is helped as best we can. 

    4-H worksheet

   The Lazy K wants the kids to learn about their horse as well as how to ride so to help teach the kids about their horses we are going to hand out worksheets at each practice.  This kids will be responsible for filling out the worksheet at home and then we will discuss it at the next practice.  If someone loses their sheet or misses a week please e-mail and you will be e-mailed a copy asap.




Jason Patrick Horsemanship clinic

The Lazy K Arena is proud to welcome Jason Patrick to our arena.  Jason is a trainer/clinician from Steamboat Springs, CO.  Jason is a ranch raised Colorado cowboy who has spent the last 20 years learning, traveling and developing his horsemanship skill.  Having started over 2000 colts in his lifetime has given Jason the feel and timing needed to create a balanced, willing equine partner from the very beginning. Jason's colt starting techniques have been noticed across the country and he has been featured on CMT, several RFD TV shows, Western Horseman, USA Today, Horse Country, and countless other magazines and newspapers across North America.  For more information visit his website

Clinic Information…

*The clinic will be divided into two sessions.  The morning session will focus on youth riders; they will work on basic riding technique and problem solving. ( Saturday & Sunday / limit 8)  In the afternoon sessions the adults will ride, focusing on a variety of horsemanship techniques, reining exercises, & working cow basics. (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday / limit 12) There will be group work as well as work on a one-on-one basis. 

*Cost:  Adult  $150        Youth  $75        Spectator  $15

(Each youth participant is allowed one helper included in cost any additional people will be charged as a spectator.)

*Spectators who want to come more than one day the charge will be $10 per day and given a pass to the days they paid for. 



Team Roping Events

Throughout the year the Lazy K hosts various types of team roping events such as jackpots, round robins, and saddle series.  Currently we are in the middle of our winter saddle series.  The series consists of three ropings, each paying fast time and average money as well a high money earner of all three ropings win a customized saddle.  Our saddles are designed by Master Saddlery; each winner is given the chance to completely customize their saddle to their own preference.


The Lazy K believes that kids are the most important part of what we do.  Starting in April we will be having weekly 4-H practice designed to help children learn more about horses, safety, and most of all have fun.  Although we follow 4-H guidelines anyone who wants to learn more about horses is welcome. (Even if your family does not own a horse we want everyone to enjoy the experience so they can come, watch, and get involved) We practice all 4-H events and on special nights we have guest teachers to help everyone learn more.    4-H Practices will begin in April.

Clinics, Open Shows, & Fun Days

The Lazy K Arena supports all types of equestrian activities.  There have been clinic ranging from jumping, dressage, natural horsemanship, and versatility ranch horse.  Our open shows involve the basic events of a 4-H show; as well as, some additional fun events.  The Fun Days are held at the beginning and end of the “show season” as a way to relax and have FUN!!  In the past various 4-H groups from the area have hosted shows.  The Lazy K helps these groups and would love to continue to have these events; if your group or organization would be interest please contact us.

Bull Riding Schools

For the past two years the Lazy K has hosted a Bull Riding School.  Keith Williams, a stock contractor from Kearney NE, brings out stock ranging from younger easy bulls to bulls that are competing at mid-state rodeo level.  Each rider’s skill level is evaluated and through out the school their strengths and weaknesses are worked on.  On the last day of the school each rider rides a bull that will challenge their skill level.  After each school Williams puts on a Bull Riding Jackpot.  The Lazy K has a custom set of rough stock stocks that are available for any rough stock event.  We are interested in hosting more events, such as jackpots, practice nights, and more schools; dates and times will be announced once events are scheduled.

Versatility Clinics and Competitions

Versatility is a relatively new competition to this area.  It judges horses on five different skills Ranch Cutting, Working Cow Horse, Trail, Horsemanship and Halter.  Two different associations recognize our event in their point system the AQHA and NVRHA (National Versatility Ranch Horse Association).  This event was new to the Lazy K in 2008.  It was a two day event which consisted of a clinic and a competition.  The first day was the clinic where judges broke down all five skills and helped each competitor break down correct technique.  Then each competitor was allowed to make a dry run with the judges coaching them along.  The second day the competition took place.  Our Judges are Jay and Gina Henson.  They are wonderful teachers and great judges who are qualified to work with all skill levels.  The show was the first of its type to ever be hosted in Nebraska.  We are hoping to spark the interest of area riders to help promote this new area of competition.  If you think this would be something you would enjoy please contact us or look on either of the associations’ websites.   We are hoping to host our third annule Ranch Horse Versatility event August 27-29.

AQHA Reining Competitions

For the past several years the Lazy K has hosted a spring reining competition sanctioned by the AQHA. Our reinings have been very successful with numerous competitors from all age and skill levels.  The next scheduled competition will be March 21 and 22.  If you are interested or have questions about this event please contact us for further information.


The Lazy K hosted its first Ranch Rodeo fall of 2009.  It was a huge success with filling our 12 team limit and having over 100 people attending to watch!!!  We were so excited to have that much interest in this event and will have another fall of 2010.  The events that we had were: team trailer loading, double mugging, team penning, steer doctoring, and wild cow milking.  Prizes were awarded to top cowboy, top horse, and overall team.  Team "Speared Heart", pictured here, was our winning team.  Please keep watching our calendar to see when it will be.



Weekly Scheduled Events

·        Roping Practice-Wednesday nights starting at 6:00 pm

·       4-H- Monday nights going from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm

·        There is also an interest in starting a night designed for “Hobby Horse Riders.” (“Hobby Horse Riders” are those who are   new into horses or just enjoy riding and talking with others who feel the same way.)  We are thinking about Tuesday nights so we need input.

There are numerous other events that the Lazy K would like to add to their calendar.  This summer we would like to schedule various horse shows and events for youth.  In the fall we would like to host a Ranch Rodeo and eventually a Mid-States Rodeo.  This winter a bull riding practice followed by a Jackpot at the end of each month is yet another item the Lazy K wants to add.  If any of these events interest you please contact.   





Congrats to David Ruther for winning the winter saddle series




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